Angel Delight Mix

Some time ago on Twitter I said I was planning to do a mix and asked what kind of mix it should be. To be honest I was looking for a genre, I was hoping someone would say electro or D&B or Hip Hop etc.

But no, Ms Codex rather helpfully suggested "Angel Delight". As she was the only one to reply I had little choice in the matter, Angel Delight it was!

To be honest it wasn't hard for me to figure out what this would contain, in fact it was ideal for a lot of stuff I wanted to put out there.
I have been holding back on this, hence the long wait, because I had wanted to record a proper podcast so I could talk about the music too, however I still haven't got round to buying a microphone!

So rather than sit on this any longer I thought I'd throw them together in a 'mix' (not really appropriate, as they are hardly mixed at all) and send it out into the world.

These are happy songs, songs that Delight, songs for, from and about Angels. They're songs that never fail to lift my mood, they always make me smile, hopefully they will you too.



1. The Penguins - Hey Senorita
2. Vic Damone - Almost Like Being In Love
3. Camille Howard - X-Temporaneous Boogie
4. The Coasters - Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
5. The Chordettes - Mister Sandman
6. Kenny Gamble - You Don't Know What You've Got Until You Lose It
7. Johnny Worth - Pretty Blue Eyes
8. Johnny Tillotson - Poetry In Motion
9. Roy Montrell - (Every Time I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone
10. Primo Scala And His Accordion Band - Blue Skies
11. Bobby Day - Little Bitty Pretty One
12. The Mills Brothers - Tiger Rag
13. Mel Torme - Comin' Home Baby
14. Buddy Greco - The Lady Is A Tramp
15. The Crew Cuts - Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)
16. Dean Martin - Sway
17. Stan Getz - And The Angels Swing
18. Bob Crewe & Charles Fox - An Angel Is Love 


Ms Codex said...

Will be downloading that tomorrow :)

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