And Banjo was his name-o..

Just a quick aside, if anyone, like me loves hearing the banjo you could do a lot worse than going here and downloading the streaming link to banjo man radio, it's a constant stream of random tunes that all feature the banjo, all played through your own chosen media player.

The Wilderness of Manitoba

So, who likes Fleet Foxes then?

For those of you who said yes, then I can't stress how important it is for you to go and listen to The Wilderness Of Manitoba right now! And those of you that don't like fleet foxes, well have a listen anyway, you may find that whatever crazy reason you dislike them is not present here.

The Wilderness of Manitoba are a four piece folk band who's music relies on little more than the amazing four part harmonies to create some gorgeously chilled out songs, the sit back, close your eyes and drift away kind.

The guitar and Banjo that accompany the vocals are played to a minimal perfection too, with rare appearances by a cello here or a glockenspiel there, like a really stripped back Sufjan Stevens.

I mentioned Fleet Foxes earlier and on listening I'm sure you'll see why the comparison is often made but, in all honesty, I think that these guys are just that little bit better.

There's not more I can say about them that you going to listen to them won't say a thousand times better, so I'm going to shuffle of and put the kettle on, sit down with a nice earl grey and rock in my chair, The Wilderness of Manitoba washing over me and a content smile on my face.

Top o' the Mornin to ya

Hi There, sorry It's been a while since I last updated but I've not really had a lot say. There is more to come I promise, but right now this will be quick as it's 7.30 in the morning already and I REALLY should have left for work about 5 minutes ago!!

But I just had to share this with you, a track called 'Waltze of the tennis players' by Meg Baird. Meg Baird is one of Espers, and as many of you will know, I love Espers, So when I discovered Meg's Solo Album 'Dear Companion' I was massively excited. I was not let down either, this offering really showcases the massive talent the resides within her.

Anyway, as I said, more later but now must dash!