Maybe all is not lost.

After posting the terrible news yesterday that all my favorite bands had now split up, I have since been unable to get away from various post across the internet claiming that it has been confirmed from highly regarded sources that one of those bands, Pavement, are in fact reforming!

Now, There have been continuous rumours since they split up about them getting back together so I've been reluctant to believe this. But it would appear that both Malkmus and Kannberg have told reliable sources independently that it is going to happen.
Perhaps what is more convincing is the fact that a lot of sites are saying that the band have been booked to play New York's Central Park SummerStage in September of next year.

So I'm remaining hopefully optimistic about this one, will I have to go to New York to see them? Maybe. but there is also a rumour about that one of the possible gigs they might have lined up is to curate an ATP. Should I need an excuse to actually finally get round to going to an ATP? no. But if I did, this would be one. I have everything crossed that it comes to pass.


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